Ascending Hands Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage 

This integrative approach focuses on the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles to reduce chronic pain, break up scar tissue, rehabilitate injured muscles and relieve chronic stress. A variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction and myofascial release are used to target areas with defined pain and tension. Trigger points, adhesions and shortened fascia reduce mobility and blood flow, leading to the accumulation of toxins which causes pain. These areas are usually sensitive because of the dysfunction that is found in the tissues and the techniques used however, pressure will always remain within your comfort level. 

1/2 Hour ~ $45            
1 Hour ~ $75                
90 Minutes ~ $105       


Swedish Massage

This popular type of massage, also known as relaxation massage improves circulation and flexibility, decreases muscle tension, and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Long gliding strokes, circular kneading, gentle rocking, joint range of motion, and light stretching are some techniques that are used to relax your muscles and soothe your mind from stress. Applied pressure can be light or firm depending on your needs.

1/2 Hour ~ $45             
1 Hour ~ $75                 
90 Minutes ~ $105       


Pre-Natal Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce the physical and emotional stresses that a mother-to-be experiences during pregnancy. Many discomforts of pregnancy such as neck and low back tension, sciatica pain, aching hip joints and generalized stress can be alleviated with a Pre-Natal Massage. Most pregnant women can comfortably lie face-down during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the second and third trimesters, face-up and side-lying positions are utilized. Soft, supportive cushions are used for maximum comfort ensuring a truly relaxing experience.

1/2 Hour ~ $45            
1 Hour ~ $75               

90 Minutes ~ $105     


Myofascial Release Massage

Fascia is a connective tissue woven throughout our entire body. When fascia is in a dysfunctional state (hard, rigid) it can hold muscles in a chronic shortened position causing tension, pain and decreased range of motion. Myofascial Release Massage restores fascia to a healthier state (soft, pliable) lengthening shortened tissue, thus relieving areas of tension and pain; and increase in range of motion. Long, deep strokes combined with active (client moves joint) and passive (practitioner moves joint) range of motion techniques, melts fascia providing positive results that can be felt immediately.

1 Hour ~ $85                   
90 Minutes ~ $115         



Seasonal Foot Scrub and Massage

(Pomegranate, Mango, Pumpkin Spice)

Mother Nature offers beauty and change with each season. Awaken your senses and soothe your feet with a Seasonal Foot Massage and Scrub. Treatment is incorporated into a one hour massage and begins with a gentle, exfoliating scrub that smoothes away rough areas. A rich buttercream containing Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, as well as a large variety of phytonutrients containing anti-oxidant properties, is massaged into all aspects of the foot. Areas of tension are relieved and skin is left hydrated and soft. Feet are left to relax in heated foot booties, while the rest of your body melts into the hands of your massage therapist.

Add-on to a 1 Hour Massage ~ $10 





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Package Pricing


(All packages must be used within 1 year from date of purchase)


Package of 5 Treatments: 


 1/2 Hour Massage $205  

 1 Hour Massage ~ $340/$385 (Myofascial Release) 

90 Minute Massage ~ $475/$520 (Myofascial Release)   



 Package of 10 Treatments:


1/2 Hour Massage ~ $385   

 1 Hour Massage ~ $640/$725 (Myofascial Release)   

 90 Minute Massage ~ $895/$980 (Myofascial Release)